Rita Skeeter Shocking Interview with Rowling

Rita_Skeeter_Rowling_Harry_PotterLast week, we are were all shocked when  a leaked report of Rita Skeeter’s interview with J.K. Rowling revealed something unholy. The big reveal: that Rowling wished Hermione Granger and Harry Potter ended up together.  Yes, shocking indeed. The full interview, which was published today in the Daily Prophet, confirms these terrible insinuations.

In the interview, Rowling confesses that Hermione and Ron were together in the end as a form of “wish fulfillment.” Although Rowling does not elaborate on what that means exactly, Rita Skeeter does. She inserts that what Rowling meant by wish fulfillment is that Ron and Hermione, who were childhood sweethearts, made it through to the end together, to keep true to the perfect fairy tale. Their love – their staying together-  was to preserve the idea that such a thing is possible, that love can last through decades, from childhood to adulthood, that “love conquers all” – Dumbledore would be so proud.

Further, the interview reveals that, in the moment when Ron abandoned Hermione and Harry in The Deathly Hallows, there was something quite tangible between Harry and Hermione, and that both Harry and Hermione felt it. In truth, Hermione has always been by Harry’s side and she has always been his comfort, as he has been for her. Even after Harry had feelings for Ginny – true feelings – it was almost always Hermione that was there for him, not Ginny. But, did Harry and Hermione ever feel anything for each other, other then when under the influence of the Horocrux. Was Harry ever jealous of Hermione’s boyfriends, perhaps when Hermione was dating Victor Krum? No such evidence presents itself, however when Harry was dating Cho, it was because of Hermione, because Harry told Cho he had a meeting with Hermione and it happened to be on Valentine’s Day, that Cho began speaking of her ex-boyfriend, Cedric Diggory.

It was also Hermione who advised Ginny to start taking an interest in other people and become her own person, so that Harry would finally notice her. And it was Hermione, not Ginny, who knew all of Harry’s deepest secrets, because she was always, always with him.

Presuming Rita Skeeter’s assumption true and coupling that with Rowling’s assertion that it’s almost impractical for Hermione and Ron to end up together because of their differences, what does that say about the reality of love in the 21st century? That love can not stay the same, that two people who are seemingly different, despite the fact that they love each other, can not make the relationship last. Certainly lasting relationships are becoming increasingly scarce, as it is more likely than not, that a couple will get divorced – sad fact really.

Can Hermione and Ron’s relationship last and can Harry and Ginny’s relationship last, well, certainly that is up for debate. But one thing is absolutely certain. Relationships, whatever kind they are, require work. Whether the relationship is of friendship, of a parent and child, a best friend, a lover, a spouse, whatever it may be; to make the relationship last, both partners must work extremely hard at it.

So, even if the fierce and lovely Hermione Granger did end up with the one and only Harry Potter, it still would not be easy. And, even how boring and predictable it would be if Hermione had from the beginning been destined to be with Harry Potter- the hero ends up with the heroine.

Rowling’s Ron and Hermione are an unlikely couple, they are interesting, they are dynamic, they have got some serious problems! What is more true to life than that. Yet somehow, despite these odds, they have stuck together. In a way, they are the typical fairy tale, and their is nothing wrong with that. The ever-lasting model of love depicts a better world, a world both young and old are in desperate need of.

Rita Skeeter is certain, that in her heart of hearts, J.K. Rowling knows that she was exactly right in being the gate keeper in Ron and Hermione’s love story. But not everyone is as certain as Rita Skeeter. Harry Potter and life are completely much more complicated and perhaps this scene from the Deathly Hallows says it all.

By Anna Hosain

Anna Hosain is the Founder and Chief Editor of AtDaily.com. Previously, she worked as a Field Organizer for the Presidential Re-Election Campaign in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Battleground State Virginia. Anna holds a J.D. from Western New England University School of Law and a B.A. from University of Maryland, Baltimore County in Political Science and Economics. During Law School she specialized in Human Rights and International Law and studied at the University of London. She is a member of the Maryland Bar and completed a Judicial Externship with the Honorable Judge John Hennigan, Third Circuit Court of Appeals. Occasionally, she write for Huffington Post and other publications. In her free time, Anna enjoys reading books, drinking tea, and watching DiCaprio movies.


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